Why Putting Techniques is Preventing your Best Putting Performance

There are many putting techniques and styles that you can use for putting. The problem most golfers have is that they never stick with one style.

Golfers that constantly search for different styles of putting will never acquire the 4 skills needed to become a great putter in this game. By tinkering with different putting techniques you are shifting your focus to how you make the putter move rather than focusing on making putts.

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According to David Orr's data, golfers scored higher in putting technique versus consistency, and stroke timing. Why aren't these golfers putting lights out is due to them being inconsistent, indecisive, and faulty execution.

Instead of focusing on making a better putting stroke you should instead work on making putts.

If you are looking for a putting technique that will give you an optimal stroke, David says, "look for one that starts the ball reasonably on line with a quality roll with a successful hole-out speed into the cup."

Before you start tinkering with your putting technique be sure to review the four skills of putting that is required to become an excellent putter. Those four skills in order are Consistent Putting Speed, Green Reading, Putter Aim, and Starting your Ball on the Intended Line.

Considering the four skills are what makes a golfer an excellent putter, your putting technique could prevent you from making the optimal stroke. To figure out if your technique is in need of work you will need to do a test with the 4 skills of putting.

Testing your Putting Skills


Testing your delivery speed is essential in knowing whether or not you have the potential to deliver the ball at a consistent speed. A great way to test your delivery speed would be to take any object that resembles a cup and place in different locations across the green to putt to.

When putting try and deliver the ball to the object at the same speed. Once you have accomplished this then start putting to a hole from 5-10 feet and work on delivering the ball into the cup at a consistent speed.

For example, if you are delivering the ball into the cup where the ball goes over the front edge and hits the bottom back part of the cup then you should use this speed for your putting. You have to be hard on yourself and not accept any balls that barely lip in or hit the back part of the cup since this will be inconsistent.

If you can do this consistently then you have passed the test with skill #1. If you were unable to deliver your ball at a consistent speed then here is a common fault that will prevent a consistent speed:

Fault - Accelerating the Putter after Impact

In David's studies, David found that the best putters have peak velocity of the putter at or just before impact. If you are accelerating the putter after impact your timing and ability to have touch on the greens will be inconsistent.

To fix this check out "Controlling the Wrists" in my Putting Drills section.

Green Reading, Aim, and Starting putts on the Intended Line

A great way to test your green reading skills, aim and starting putts on your intended line is by hitting putts around the "Clock" found in my Green Reading section. You should only test yourself with this only after you have developed a consistent speed.

To check yourself, start hitting balls from the different areas around the clock. Pay attention to your misses on whether they are above the hole or below the hole. If you are doing this correctly your balls should all be going in at the same speed.

If your are hitting your putts at the correct speed and are missing the putt then you know it is due to either a miss read, aim, or wrong line due to the putter face to path error.

A great way to narrow down why you're missing putts is to invest in an AimPoint Green Reading Clinic where you will receive an Aim Chart that tells you exactly where to aim. If you know exactly where to aim and the speed that is required of the putt then you have it narrowed down to aim and starting the ball on your intended line as the reasons to why you're missing putts.

To find an AimPoint Instructor nearest you visit AimPointGolf.

It is extremely important to be able to aim your putter since David has shown in his studies that "4 out of 5 golfers have difficulty aiming the putter from 6 feet away." By improving your aim, David has shown that "straight aimers have less compensation in 6 of 8 directional parameters and have less compensation is 12 of 14 distance parameters."

If you would like to become more efficient at aiming your putter then be sure find a certified Edel Fitter nearest you.

By focusing more on the 4 putting skills you will greatly enhance your putting performance. By not searching for multiple putting techniques you will become an excellent putter.

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Bo, I wanted to thank you for your help so far with my golf game. I wanted to let you know that I shot a 75 the other day in a tournament round, my best round ever. I had 32 total putts and NO 3 putts. I definitely couldn't have done that before. Thanks again and I'll be back in touch soon to get some more lessons lined up.


Bo I just wanted to tell you about another tournament I played in. I went out and played and shot a 75 which is one of my best rounds this year so I think everything is coming together. I've been making alot of birdies lately and just wanted to thank you for everything!

Adam Mikhalko

Hey Bo when I got back from camp I played really well I’m putting great and I’m hitting the ball well. Thank you for everything at camp.


Hey Bo!!! I have been playing my best in golf, mostly because of you!!! two days ago I shot an 80 in my club tourney and came in 3rd place.

Brandtley Taylor

I played in a tournament when I got back from camp and shot 76 and came in fourth. I feel much more confident on the course with my mental thoughts. I used the tips you wrote down on that sheet and they have helped me alot.

Freddy Weber