Drills to Fix Golf Slice

In order to fix golf slice you're going to need to understand the cause of the slice. Once you have an understanding you will then be able to employ one of the drills below to help you fix the golf slice.

Karate Chop the Right Arm Drill to Fix Golf Slice

In most swings that result in an out to in path, the right arm and shoulder tilt will likely be the culprit.

When golfers rotate their shoulders and arms from the top of the swing in a rounded motion too quickly, their right arm stays flexed too long, and their right shoulder will rotate on a flatter plane.

In the picture above of Charles Barkley, his right arm at this position in the golf swing has remained flexed for too long. In result of his right arm staying flexed and right shoulder turning on a flat plane, his path of the clubhead will approach the ball from the outside.

How to fix golf slice with karate chop:

  • Use any club and go to top of backswing
  • Notice that you're right arm is close to 90 degrees at this point
  • As you start the downswing process immediately feel the right elbow staying stationary or reattaching to rib cage
  • In addition, your right shoulder should be staying back and going down towards the ball
  • With the right elbow stationed the right arm should straighten to about 160 degrees so that it brings the club down to where it is parallel to ground ready for release
  • Simply now just uncock your left wrist and roll the left wrist into impact

By mastering this drill feeling the karate chop motion of the right arm and making sure your right shoulder stays back you will start seeing straighter ball flights and less curvature.

Swinging out to First Base Drill to Fix Golf Slice

  • Picture yourself at home plate with your target being second base
  • Feel like your path is coming from inside to out towards first base
  • A setup that will help this path come from the inside would be dropping right foot back a foot
  • Dropping the right foot back will force you to swing along your body to right
  • Another helpful setup would be pre-turning your hips to aim right which influences the path to go in-to-out as well

Fix Golf Slice with the Pivot Drill

Most amateurs struggle with turning their shoulders and hips simultaneously from the top of the backswing.

When the shoulders turn at the same rate as the hips from the top of the backswing, the arms are forced to go steep on the downswing making it difficult to straighten the right arm.

This is one of the common characteristics in people who have over the top swings is that their right arm stays bent too long during the downswing.

Here's a good drill to prevent the right arm from flexing too long:

  • Setup in front of a mirror face on
  • Turn to top of backswing and ensure proper turn of hips being belt buckle turn 20-45 degrees and shoulders 70-100 degrees
  • Once positioned at the top of the backswing, the downswing sequence involves the slide and turn of the hips going towards the target
  • The slide and turn of the hips prior to the shoulders naturally causes the arms to drop on the correct plane to approach the ball from the inside
  • After the hips have slid and turned then the shoulders turn with arms lowering to where hands are below belt line
  • Then left hand uncocks and rolls into impact

Correct Swing Plane by Fixing Overrotation Drill

One problem I see a lot with amateurs is that they are over rotating the face and swinging too far in to start the backswing.

The problem with this is that it is causing a shift in planes at the top from the club going too far in to now coming steep on the downswing.

Here is another great fix golf slice drill that will expose over rotation:

Slice drills Fix Slice how to fix a slice

Closed Face Outside Takeaway

Open Face Inside Takeaway

Proper Takeaway

Place a mirror directly to your right side with the middle of the mirror between the ball and your body

  • Setup to the ball and take a backswing to where the club is parallel to ground
  • At this position check in the mirror to see if the toe of the club is pointed straight up or is slightly closed
  • If the toe of the club is open and pointing right then you know you have over rotated
  • The cause of this rotation is usually due to too much left forearm rotation to start swing
  • Also check to see if the shaft of the club is going too far inside. If you can see the clubface covering your right leg then you have gone too far
  • Keep working on this until you are consistently getting the toe of the club slightly closed or pointing straight up at a 90 degree angle to the ground

By following these drills you should eliminate that slice. If you are still having problems be sure to head over to the Golf Question and Answer section if you need further help.

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Bo, I wanted to thank you for your help so far with my golf game. I wanted to let you know that I shot a 75 the other day in a tournament round, my best round ever. I had 32 total putts and NO 3 putts. I definitely couldn't have done that before. Thanks again and I'll be back in touch soon to get some more lessons lined up.


Bo I just wanted to tell you about another tournament I played in. I went out and played and shot a 75 which is one of my best rounds this year so I think everything is coming together. I've been making alot of birdies lately and just wanted to thank you for everything!

Adam Mikhalko

Hey Bo when I got back from camp I played really well I’m putting great and I’m hitting the ball well. Thank you for everything at camp.


Hey Bo!!! I have been playing my best in golf, mostly because of you!!! two days ago I shot an 80 in my club tourney and came in 3rd place.

Brandtley Taylor

I played in a tournament when I got back from camp and shot 76 and came in fourth. I feel much more confident on the course with my mental thoughts. I used the tips you wrote down on that sheet and they have helped me alot.

Freddy Weber